FAR Gravel 2021 will adapt to any limitations related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

If the event does not take place, as per the Regulations, no refunds will be made.

Online registrations will close at midnight on 12 September 2021.

All people who have reached the age of 18 at the time of registration, of any sex, nationality, belonging to a sports group or not, will be able to participate in Far Gravel.

Minors can participate only if accompanied along the entire route by at least one parent who must express their authorization and responsibility in writing.

Minors can participate under the same conditions (card and medical certificate) as adults, from 15 years old to the 100 km route, from 13 years old to the 50 km route.

Foreigners will be able to participate under the same conditions (card and medical certificate) as Italian members.

Registrations can be made on the appropriate website and / or with any additional methods that will be communicated.

Register online on ENDU: Sign up online.

Online registrations open from April 1st to 12th September 2021

Saturday, September 18, the day of the event, it will not be possible to sign up

  • 15 euros until 24:00 02/04/21;
  • 20 euros until 05/31/21;
  • 30 euros until 08/31/21;
  • 40 euros until 12/09/21 (registration closure).
  • For groups consisting of minimum 10 participants: € 5 Discount each.

Registrations at Argenta

It will be possible to enroll in Argenta until 12/09/21 by calling 3355373693 (Raf-faele), at the same rates above.

As always, a competitive medical certificate must be presented for the practice of valid cycling (the presentation of a possible card is left to the willingness of the member and is not a substitute for the presentation of the medical certification) val-id in the event of participation in the 100 and 150 km (not requested for 50 km).

Medical certificate

COURSES 100 KM – 150 KM

Members: you need a competitive card for cycling (no cycle tourism) and a competitive sports medical certificate for cycling, valid on the day of the event.

Not registered: a competitive sports medical certificate for cycling is required, valid on the day of the event.

ITINERARY 50 KM (Promotional activity)

Open to all, registered and not indiscriminately, without the need for medical certification.

GPS Tracker

For participants in the 100 and 150km routes it is mandatory to have the Never Alone smartphone app for GPS tracking during the event. The purchase of the service is offered free of charge by the organization.

Registration entitles you to:

  • FAR Gravel 2021 number / bib number collection;
  • Collection (upon return) of the Event Package containing technical gadgets and / or food products;
  • Free access to the refreshment points along the route;
  • Fantastic prizes by drawing among all the participants.

Official jersey by Bike Inside

FAR Gravel is also style and technique: the new official jersey of the event is signed by Bike Inside.

Purchase it on ENDU during registration:

Click here